Living in quarantine could be mentally draining. But some people find ways to be creative in doing good things and beat the boredom. Two Mundelein sisters, aged 11 and 10, are running a designer mask-making business and helping people in need.

Little Mask Makers

The federal lockdown guideline has disrupted normal. Olivia and Jaina Bartusch, the brains behind 2 Little Mask Makers, decorate fabric coated masks using a Cricut crafting machine and sells them, the Daily Herald reported.

Girls have so far, since August, sold over 280 masks and donated $300 to the Northern Illinois Food Bank, the portal reported. The report mentioned that they bought school supplies worth $450 and gave them to students of Mundelein Elementary District 75 students.

“It feels like I’m helping many people,” Jaina told the website.  He added, “It feels good to give things to people who need them.”

“We were bored and had nothing else to do,” Jaina, a fifth-grader at Mechanics Grove Elementary School in Mundelein, said.

Converting Challenges into Opportunity

It all started when Jaina and Olivia were trying to find answers to kill boredom during the lockdown. Crafting machine as a birthday gift to mother Amy Bartusch helped them express artistic creativity in masks. The first decorated mask went to aunty. Following encouraging compliments, she advised girls to start selling them.

The process is pretty simple as they buy fabric masks from the local market and then decorate them with poplar images and designs. The creative spark made their product an instant hit in the community.

The ones with initials and images are Olivia’s favorites because they’re so personalized.

The kind-hearted girls started donating profit to the food-bank and buy supplies for needy students of schools.

“We are always trying to teach the girls about giving back to the community and to those less fortunate.” The website quoted the proud mother.
In the school’s words, the girls are true leaders and have a bright future ahead.

Anyone can buy their masks at $5 and be part of the great act of kindness as $2 goes to charity work.

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