The legal team at Hahn Loeser Law Firm are celebrating their 100th anniversary. As the country deals with stress and uncertainty, the law firm has decided to initiate 100 acts of kindness. Not just in their local community but also in their Fort Myers, Florida office.

The legal team doing good across the country

In addition to contributing to the Ohio office’s acts of kindness, they would initiate 100 actions of their own. Fort Myers established their office about 20 years ago. Attorney and Firm Partner Robert Cooper told News-Press that he challenged the Fort Myers office to perform not just their allocated portion of the 100 acts of kindness.

The Fort Myers team started their good deeds by collecting and distributing gifts for children. The team has managed to complete 50 of the 100 acts of kindness in their community. Some other acts of kindness include an eyeglasses drive, Red Cross donation, toy drive, and clothing donation to St. Matthew’s House.

Hahn Loeser doing good for the community

The other day, Hahn Loeser employees left their office and began to feed about-to-expire parking meters in the Fort Myers River District. They also affixed quarters to the meters with stickers that said: “Need another hour? Hahn Loeser has you covered.”

The 100 acts of kindness started an easy way to show their appreciation for the people who helped Hahn Loeser make it to 100 years.

It’s good to see a company that has a firm footing in their community show that they genuinely care about them. Do you know someone doing something similar to this with their business? Share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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