It was an unusual day at the Chevron oil rig in the Gulf Of Thailand. The weather was playing angry, and the sea was choppy. The crew was thankful that they were atop a modern oil rig built to withstand the rough seas. Suddenly a member spied a dog struggling to keep afloat in the choppy sea. Soon his fellow workers also joined him to witness the awful scene.

Lucky Canine

The oil rig was 135 miles away from the nearest land, which was the coast of Songkhla. The crew must do something quickly, or the poor canine will drown due to exhaustion. As the rescue efforts started, the water was becoming increasingly choppy. After several failed attempts, the crew was able to get the dog overboard. Offshore planner Vitisak Payalaw first spotted the fuzzy brown pup that was in a distressed state.

The crew cleaned him and gave him fresh water and food. The crew named him ‘Boonrod’ which means “he has done good karma and that helps him to survive,” Payalaw told NPR.

Boonrod was a breed that is native to the Philippines. No one knows exactly how the poor dog drifted so far offshore. The Bangkok Post, which carried his story, speculated that he might have fallen off from a fishing trawler. Boonrod got to a veterinary hospital on the mainland after two days and later sent to the animal shelter.

Member Of The Family

Payalaw, who had nursed the dog, was emotionally attached to him. He wanted to adopt the dog himself. However, the law stipulates that only after a mandatory quarantine of 10 days a dog can be adopted. If there is no claimant, the dog can be adopted. It is precisely what happened. No one claimed ownership, and Boonrod became a member of the Payalaw family much to their mutual delight.


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