Most elderly Americans are stuck living on a limited income, which causes them to prioritize certain things. They are also forgoing essential needs such as home repair and maintenance. One such elderly American living on a limited income in Gloria Scott.

Good Samaritan laborer finds a way to repair senior citizen’s home

Moreover, Scott noticed her house light fixture going out and was forced to get it repaired. She knew her budget would take a hit, so she called in local good Samaritan electrician John Kinney to make the repairs.

Kinney told CBS that he was troubled by the state of disrepair Scott’s home was in. Over the weekend, he kept thinking about her having no lights, no running water, so he knew he had to go back. Rather than walk away, Kinney went back to Scott’s place and started working on some other much-needed repairs—free of charge. But he didn’t stop there.

Dozens of tradespeople managed to help out with the repairs.

Kinney took to Facebook to find other local help. The response drew in plenty of supportive tradespeople, allowing Scott’s home to receive a new electrical and plumbing system, new windows, and repairs to the walls, ceilings, front steps, and porch.

Moreover, the project was such a success; Kinney decided to take it to the next level, naming it Gloria’s Gladiators’ initiative. He now hopes to inspire a legion of good Samaritans to help seniors in need within their communities.

As the neighbors’ group continued to upgrade the landscape and house itself, a constant flow of food donations came in to feed the volunteers.

To say Scott was blown away by the outpouring of generosity is an understatement. “Look at these people!” she exclaimed. “…[You] can’t even comprehend the gratitude that I have.”


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