The Next Foundation is launching an online event for startups. It will partner with Google, startup accelerators Techstars and Founder Institute, according to SanTan Sun News. The event titled “Startup Weekend AZ” welcomes all entrepreneurs to learn to develop a “startup ecosystem.”

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Nurturing Startup Ecosystem

The statewide event will roll out online from September 25-27.   The event focuses on helping aspiring entrepreneurs learn the art of creating a company and getting it off the ground.

The Startup Weekend AZ offers a powerful experience of building and launching a product in 54 hours.

In 54 hours, participants “will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that makeup life at a startup.”

The participants will learn how to create a real company with mentors, investors, and other experts.

Connecting People to Create

Connecting with like-minded people and mobilizing resources is the most challenging task for aspiring entrepreneurs. The event helps entrepreneurs to build something new from the rich and diverse talent from any county in Arizona. It will also provide resources to help.

Chandler Innovation CEO Diana White told SanTan Sun News that participants would learn what it takes to start a company. They will learn in a way that books and blogs can’t teach.

“The only way to learn is the experience of trying,” the website quoted White.

White also added that over 1000 enthusiasts attended the event and formed over 100 startup teams in just one weekend. He highlighted the success of a similar event organized in April.
Upholding Arizona’s rich and diverse entrepreneurial spirit, she also said this event is to create a uniquely Arizona experience.

“By moving the event online, we make the program equally accessible to so many geographically underserved communities.”, she said to the San Tan News.

Experts from diverse fields will also focus on technological possibilities in healthcare, mining safety, education, and agriculture, etc. Besides, there will also be “cornerstone themes” like digital, web, creative, entertainment, and local small businesses.

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