Dog’s are man’s best friend and seldom go rogue or bite the hands that feed it. It pains when owners abandon senior dogs, unwilling to care, and heal them. Thankfully there are places like Marty’s Place in Upper Freehold, New Jersey, where senior sanctuary dogs get a whole new “leash” on life.

Marty’s Place was the idea of Doreen Jakubcak, who realized that older dogs found few takers. She made it her mission to take care of the underdogs. The emphasis was on dogs that were older than seven years.

Upscale Doggy Retirement Village

The upscale doggy retirement village’s privileges include spacious quarters, regular medical and dental care. Trained personel give regular exercises to the senior canines to keep their bodies fit and trim.

There are chairs and sofas to lie upon and an in-house pool for long hair canines who would like to take a dip to keep their body temperatures down.

No Fear Of Abandonment

Many dogs at Marty’s Place find adoptive pet homes, but they never have to fear abandonment. Talking to ABC News, Jakubcak said that once a dog comes to Marty’s Place, it is his permanent home for his or her life.  Unless they get a new adoptive family this is their sanctuary.

Jakubiak added that Marty’s Place has been catering to the needs of dogs of more advanced age, from 10 to 18. Canines this old have pre-existing health conditions. It becomes challenging finding a new adoptive home for them.

Senior canines are not lazy or dull, and some have lots of energy and require lots of exercise and stimulation. Therefore prospective adoptive pet parents must not shy away from adopting senior canines. Jakubiak told Good Morning America that spending time with pets that are in their twilight years never goes vain, and they are forever grateful for what you did for them.


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