Nobody loves to wear a mask, but the deadly virus has killed over a million people globally. Now there is no option other than following necessary safety standards. Wearing a facial mask and sanitizing hands cuts the chances of infection significantly.

woman wearing face mask
Photo by Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash

Since the world cannot remain in the state of lockdown forever, it is necessary to follow safety protocols and wear a mask. Like any other city, DuPage County is also witnessing a surge in the infection cases since mid-June. Being responsible residents, every individual must wear a mask for their own and others’ safety and flatten the growth curve.

Freedom is Important, But Life First

Freedom is essential, but to enjoy that freedom, one needs to remain alive. Everyone is tired of wearing a mask and getting frustrated by the social-distancing.

But the virus is hazardous and the only possible remedy, until vaccines come, is mask and sanitizer.

If the cases jump beyond a threshold, then shut-down is the only option. Daily Herald reported quoting Cindy Allston, President, and CEO of Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce.

“Much like no shoes, no shirt, no service, which we were able to adhere to with no issues, it is now no mask, no service,” Allston wrote.

Wearing Mask: An Act of Kindness

Talking about the value of life and relationship, she wrote that most people are part of the local community. They are fathers, mothers, siblings, friends, and neighbors, she wrote, adding. “As a society, we may have lost touch with the fact these numbers represent human lives.”

“Wearing a mask is a small act of kindness, consideration, and love to show to your fellow humankind.” She wrote, adding, it is an act of humanity.

Highlighting people’s reluctance, she wrote that one might question the effectiveness of masks in mitigating the risk of infection, but science, doctors, and history tell us that it does make a difference.

We can knock this pandemic down to size. She requested the public to follow new mandates while in public, wear masks, and maintain a 6-feet distance.

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