Percival is a Pelican at the Queensland, Australia sanctuary called Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue center. For years handlers had noticed Percival carry out his egg sitting routine. However, they never saw any egg hatch and chicks emerging.

This year, however, he became a proud pelican dad with a little help from his handlers.

gray long beak bird near sea at daytime
Photo by Taryn Manning on Unsplash

Long Wait

For six years, Percival shared egg sitting duty with his mate. However, they never became parents. They were unable to produce any fertile eggs. Percival would anxiously look as other pelicans strutted with their feathered broods and wonder when he will have his own family.

His handlers would look on year after year to see Percival faithfully carrying out his duties and could hear him sigh, unable to produce any progeny.

Unable to bear the Pelican’s distress for another year, the handlers decided to step in and help the Pelican. Unknown to Mr. and Mrs. P, they swapped a fertile egg from another nest into the one on which the pair so patiently sat in shifts, waiting for their little miracle.

Proud Dad

After a tense period when the staff kept its fingers crossed and waited, to everyone’s delight the adopted egg hatched right on schedule.

The team posted the story on its Facebook page and hailed, “We are so proud of him, as we can see, the baby pelican chick is growing beautifully.”

The story featured on GoodNewsNetwork.

Brushfires and COVID-19 have made life difficult for the people but also the fauna of the country.

Twinnies bird sanctuary is a 24-hour rescue and rehabilitation center for sick, injured, and orphaned pelicans, seabirds, and native birds located in Lands borough.


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