Currently, the world is in passing through a phase of extreme uncertainty. One community that is under tremendous pressure is the student community. Everyone knows that higher education is pretty expensive. And in the current scenario, it is challenging for them to pay bills. Thankfully, some celebrities are coming forward to help students in need of financial assistance.

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Paying It Forward

Though one need not wait for a disaster to be a Samaritan, this health crisis has pushed everyone to the extreme. The best thing happening during this crisis is that everyone helps each other in whatever way one could. Beyond celebrities, several unknowns are also assisting the community in overcoming the crisis. These are some of the stars that redefine the act of kindness by giving it back to society and inspiring others to do good deeds.

Harry Pritchard, an aspiring actor, raised funds for the tuition fee for London Academy for Music and Dramatic Art. Russell Crowe came forward to help him meet the funding need of £2,741, a remaining of the £13,799 he was trying to raise.

“Congratulations, Harry, looking forward to hearing about your success.”

Russell wrote on social media thanking everyone who got involved and helped Pritchard.

Sponsoring Future

Taylor Swift, known for her promptness in helping people in need, gave Ayesha Khurram $4,800 to help her cover the semester’s cost.

“Ayesha, get you to learn on, girl. I love you! Taylor,” she wrote in a donation note.

In a surprise move, Drake helped the University of Miami student Destiny James with a scholarship of $50,000 while filming for the music video God’s Plan.

“Thanks to Drake, I’m probably stressing about classes and work, but I’m not stressing about tuition.”

Destiny, who has been struggling with finance after her father’s demise, told the University of Miami News.

Beyonce runs The Formation Scholars program, launched in 2017. It supports young women willing to explore creative arts, music, and literature opportunities.

Similarly, Rihanna has also been running The Formation Scholars program to help students from South America and the Caribbean. Students are also eligible to get grants in the range of $5,000 to $50,000.

Among others offering all kinds of support to the student community are Chrissy Teigen, Eddie Redmayne, 21 Savage, Tyrese Gibson, Lebron James, and Luke Bryan.

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