It is an unusual story of the friendship between a blind seal and a fisherman. The friendship has endured for a decade, and the bond continues to grow stronger with each passing day.

Unusual Friendship

Nicholas Lewis is a crab and lobster fisherman and met Shauna, the seal, in 2010. She was an adorable pup then and kept poking her head out of the water, searching for food. From that day, Shauna would amble on the steps at Peel Bay on the Isle of Man to greet her human friend. The friendly seal would welcome Nicholas as if saying Hello.

The 41-year-old crab and lobster fisherman told Good News Network that Shauna follows him every day and has become someone just like his own child.

The unlikeliest of friendship is a decade old, and the dad-of-four said that Shauna would follow one of the three boats he owns. Later she feeds on two or three mackerel a day.

Nicholas remembers how Shauna would appear, and he would feed her. Slowly, she became acquainted with all the Nicholas family members and would become very confident and comfortable in their company.

Shauna Is Blind

Unfortunately, Shauna has lost sight and became blind in one eye. The sight in her other eye is also falling, and Nicholas has to take extra care of his marine friend. Shauna would bump into everything due to her falling ability to sight.

Nicholas feels more responsible than ever. He is trying everything to make his pal’s life comfortable. However, with advancing age, Shauna will find the going even more challenging. After seeing his friend full of energy and lively, her present state is heartbreaking for Nicholas.

Despite this, the pair continues to be always together—something Nicholas says he won’t ever take for granted.


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