Election years become hectic for poll workers; most of the time, the work falls to retired people. However, this year has thrown a wrench in the operations of polling places. Many of those regular elderly workers are staying home to stay healthy. The good news is the younger generation is stepping up to fill the roles as poll workers.

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Web developer doing good helping recruit new poll workers

It all started with a web developer creating a website to see if good Samaritans would help buy pizzas for those waiting in line to vote. Instead, it turned into a tool to recruit poll station workers. Workers are expected to be dangerously low in number this year.

Most of the people signing up are between 18-35 years of age. A serious contrast from the average poll worker who are 60-70 years of age. Power the Polls program looks to connect poll workers with corporations to ensure they have the proper equipment and training to do their job.

Organizations joining forces to inform voters about the need for poll workers

Organizations like the AARP have helped inform voters about the critical need for poll workers. Meanwhile, they also help ensure that those who sign up show up to serve as poll workers.

As the country focuses on keeping poll workers healthy, those involved will be sanitizing the area and making sure voters are taking proper safety measures.

It’s good to see organizations coming together to ensure people can practice their right to vote, while also encouraging people to become poll workers. Have you ever been a poll worker? What was your experience? Share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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