A local pie shop owner is celebrating those who are making a difference in the community. Mixed Fillings Pie Shop owner Natasha Burton decides a theme for every Tuesday that is focused on making the community a better place to live and starting tough conversations.

Pie shop owner showing the good deeds that people do in their community

The pie owner started this project after receiving some racial backlash. Instead of being upset and affected by the negative things they said about her business and brand. She found a way to highlight the good deeds that people do in the community.

To participate, all you have to do is head over to Mixed Pie Fillings Instagram and look every Tuesday for their theme post. To nominate a person, you tag them in the comments and explain what they are doing that achieved a particular theme. A winner is picked every Friday and can choose any pie on the menu.

She has received plenty of upgrades thanks to the financial kindness of the community

Mixed Pie Fillings Shop started faster than she planned. She opened the shop in the middle of the time of uncertainty. She opened her store right behind a professional make-up studio. Burton sells her pre-orders online and also uses social media for marketing her pies.

Customers can pick them up under a tent. Burton credits her success to the community. The shop could get a new refrigerator, wallpaper, and a door through donations from the community. It’s good to see those who can do so help those in need. Have you had a similar experience in your neighborhood? Share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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