People are finding dancing is making them feel happier and less stressed during the current environment. People are struggling and looking for ways to become less stressed and more positive. While some turn to laughter, people find that dancing helps them become happier and less stressed—what better time to put on your dancing shoes than right now.

woman jumping and reflex her body
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British find dancing as a stress reliever

A survey was conducted of 2,000 British adults, and 75% of them say they feel happier after dancing around their house. The poll was conducted by OnePoll and supported by Zumba. While a majority said they would like to dance more often, 41 percent actually admitted they were bad at dancing.

According to psychologist Dr. Peter Lovatt, the effects of dance have been shown in scientific literature to help lower stress anxiety in many ways. StudyFinds shows that dancing also offers physical health benefits. The survey also revealed that those who enjoy dancing spend about two hours a month dancing.

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Dancing also the perfect activity to create some special memories

Along with being a stress reliever, one-quarter of those polled said it had created some cherished memories. And they also use it to keep in touch with friends. Dr. Lovatt explained the science: “When we move our body, it releases different neurochemicals. The opioid receptors become more active, and that means our pain threshold increases. We feel less pain when we dance.”

It’s good to see people finding ways to turn their gloom and sadness into happiness just by putting their dancing shoes on. Have you tried dancing and noticed a change in yourself? Share your thoughts and comments in the section below.




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