If you are in Dallas, Texas, you must visit Howdy Homemade. The place is known for its lip-smacking and delicious ice cream.

The special thing about the place is all the employees are persons with special needs. The COVID-19 pandemic almost decimated the ice cream store. It was struggling to survive when it got a reprieve – a $50,000 grant.

Bundle Of Joy

When asked about how he got the idea of opening the store, Founder Tom Landis said his inspiration is one person, James Coleman. He met in one of his other restaurants. The way he went about with his waiter’s chores with bubbling energy enamored him. Tom immediately decided to hire this bundle of joy. He called James’ mother and said he wanted to hire her son.

James became the face of the sweet store. The consumers always wanted James to serve them, and they got disappointed if they saw someone else.

The COVID-19 Pandemic hit the restaurant business most. The pandemic forced Landis also to close Howdy Homemade temporarily. Reopening the ice cream store, Tom found the going extremely tough. The threat of the closing permanently was always there.

However, the Dallas community, which was so used to Landis, Jones, and Howdy Homemade ice cream, decided to help. They organized a GoFundMe campaign that raised over $100,000 for the shop.

$50,000 Grant!

Sharing the sweet success on TODAY, a virtual wall of fans cheered Jones and Landis. Notable in the virtual wall was one special guest: CNBC’s “The Profit” host Marcus Lemonis, who chipped in with a $50,000 grant for Howdy Homemade.

Lemonis told TODAY that he spent a lifetime helping businesses get to the next level. It motivated him to give the $50,000 grant so that Lendis can hire more people and also continue to serve the Dallas community.

Landis purchased an ice cream truck and planned to create more jobs at his shop. The Grant will allow them to grow even further.

Lawrence Lease

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