Tom and Sarah Bricker run a Disney Tourist Blog. The COVID -19 epidemic has most hit the tourism and hospitality sector. When the couple realized that the people who were spreading joy find it challenging to meet their ends, they decided to help.

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Like other tourist destinations, in March, Disney World parks in Orlando, Florida, were forced to close for nearly four months. Disney Land in Anaheim, California, remained shuttered, and its gardens were shut down. Later the company temporarily laid off thousands of workers with endless health benefits. On Sept. 29, Disney laid off 28,000 employees across its parks, experiences, and consumer products segment.

Spreading Joy to People Who Make Us Happy

Twenty-eight thousand jobs lost, and the impact it will have on the individuals will be colossal. The Bricker couple poured their heart out in their blog and said they could not measure the devastation this must have caused. To help them, the couple set up a virtual fundraiser to a nearby food bank called Second Harvest. The food bank was very active during the pandemic. The Bricker’s made a $500 donation — and then asked readers to match it.

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People around the country immediately picked up the couple’s call. The people who brought happiness in their life were facing difficulties. This inspired people to help.

According to Erika Spence, a spokesperson for the second harvest of central Florida said the Brickers’ fundraiser had climbed to $47,000 — and counting!

Biggest Virtual Food Drive

Spence told TODAY Food that it is the biggest virtual food drive in the history of Second Harvest. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida distributes food to theme park workers in need in six counties, including Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, and Kennedy Space Center.

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