He is the modern-day version of the legendary Greek Hero Atlas who singlehandedly carried the heavens aloft. Like his mythical ancestors, World Greek Athlete Marios Giannakou carried a disabled woman up Mount Olympus and fulfilled her long time dream.

Greek mythology is full of exploits of its mighty heroes.  A modern-day version of Atlas, a spirited athlete, climbed the home to ancient gods, Mount Olympus. He did not do it alone but carried a disabled comrade to the peak with him piggy-back style.

Long-distance runner Marios Giannakou loved adventure and has many records to his name. He completed a grueling trek of 168 miles across the Al Marmoum Desert. He also came first in a frigid 93-mile cross country race in Antarctica.

Modern Day Atlas

He had climbed Mount Olympus not less than fifty times and knew the peak just like the back of his palm. Giannakou met and befriended 22-year-old biology student Eleftheria Tosiou. When Tosiou told him about her dream to experience the summit herself, he was more than ready to rise to the occasion.

Giannakou told Greek Reporter that all his past international races, the medals, and the distinctions so far paled when compared to this goal.

With Tosiou securely harnessed in a specially modified backpack Giannakos, along with an eight-member support team, started the grueling ascent of Olympus’s tallest peak, Mount Mytikas.

Goal Achieved

The progress was slow, and when the party reached 2,400 meters, they stopped to rest. The team spent the night in a makeshift camp and resumed their climb at 06.00 a.m. the next morning. After a grueling 3 hours trek, they reached their goal at 9:02 local time. The team put in more than 10 hours of climbing to reach the 2,918-meter summit.

“There is nothing more real than the dream,” an ecstatic Giannakou posted to his Instagram.

It is very heartening to know that heroes are not all myth and legend of the yore. Heroes like Marios Giannakou exist in real life as well.


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