A small town in Wisconsin has come together to keep their businesses open. The “50 People Who Care” turned a local main street during the financial downturn. Former financial consultant E. Dennis Zahrbock spent his life watching the difference investing money can make.

Former financial consultant doing good and helping local businesses

Zahrbock, who started the group, had each person throw in $100 a quarter. The group has increased to 69 people, meaning the quarter’s upcoming winner will get $6,900. The first $5,500 went to the Island City Food Co-op, which was used to make some needed repairs to their old freezer.

Each business interested in receiving the funds submits a video pitch. This time around, a restaurant, coffee shop, and art studio submitted their videos.

 The group votes who will win virtually and announces the winner next week. The group continuing this program agrees to pay $100 a quarter and vote on the videos when they are submitted.

Group continues to grow despite the financial downturn

Dennis Zahbrock and the group started by helping a local business that was losing its business. Zahbrock encourages others to use this mission wherever else other people are that want to spread generosity.

The group plans to continue even after the financial downturn ends, and the city recovers. Zahrbock told Minnesota CBS Local that they would love to have multiple chapters all over the country.

They are also planning to do more for Giving Tuesday. The time set out during the holidays to do good for those in need.

It’s good to see community members coming together to help businesses struggling during this economic hardship. Is your community doing something similar? Share your comments and thoughts in the section below.


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