There are plenty of people in need during this time of economic hardship. The homeless community is one that is continually suffering. This has led to a 15-year-old teenage entrepreneur to step up and be a good Samaritan.

Good Samaritan teen Layla Wallace doing good for the homeless community

Layla and her mother, Luchara Wallace, have opened their family-owned business, Layla’s Cool Pops. The idea was started after Layla was assigned an economics project at school. She was tasked to design a business and find a profit. Layla’s mother says she chose cookie pops because they looked fun and seemed easy to make.

Layla was able to see her dad’s business grow and succeed, so she wanted to try all of that. She said she wanted to see a big idea turn into something great, and she knew whatever she was going to do, it had to help somebody else.

Teen entrepreneur Layla opened up a dessert shop.

Like every kid who loves sweets, she opened a business that sold desserts, including cupcakes, cookie pops, brownies, and cake. This business appeals to those with a sweet tooth. It is also working to help the local homeless community. Ten percent of the proceeds benefit homeless charities and organizations in need. She also said that being a business owner her ages do come with some challenges. She said she still gets scared talking with people, but she’s starting to warm up talking with people.

According to WWNT, the store takes pre-orders on Monday and Tuesday’s and then deliver on Fridays. They also offer curbside pickup. Layla said she wants to teach other people her age to be entrepreneurs and how to bake.

It’s good to see the young generation find ways to be a good Samaritan and taking it upon themselves to help those in need. Share your thoughts and stories in the comment section below.


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