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Thoughts and Prayers

One of the all time classics goes like this. A fellow was out hiking some Arizona mountain trails all by himself. He reached the top

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Now you see it

Over the past week I’ve talked to several people about thinking in pictures. Some of them got it right away, some not so much. Those

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Good Thinking

“I think I can — I think I can — I think I can.” For more than a hundred years children around the world have

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Making time

One of my occasional pastimes is crossword puzzles. I was solving one the other day that had a couple of clues dealing with climate change.

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Why am I here?

Of all the big questions in life, one of the biggest is “Why am I here?” Everyone from Douglas Adams to Victor Frankl has addressed

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Wednesday night: I sat down this morning in a coffee shop to begin writing about friendship. Before my laptop was open, two young men who

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Get in the game.

The writer C. S. Lewis carried on a massive correspondence during his lifetime. Many of the letters are collected in three volumes and are organized

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