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Think different.

So there I was, sitting at my desk ready to write about “think different,” when I got pulled aside by LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business-focused

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The Man I Seek To Be

Almost 20 years ago a good friend was spending time as a guest of the state where he lived. The accommodations weren’t great, he had

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Hidden Information

I’ve seen plenty of spy shows where somebody gets caught. Then somebody else tries to get information out of them. Sometimes they use psychological torture,

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You believe what?

For about the last 50 years the world has been in the Information Age. That is not marketing speak, it is a real historical period,

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The Interview

In last week’s post I talked about one of the parts of the business we call Do Good U, and I promised you something. Without

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The old saying tells us that “the Good Lord gave us two ears and only one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as

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Good job

This past weekend the Kansas City Chiefs got the ball with just 32 seconds left in the game and scored to send it into overtime.

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How You Decide

One of the many ill-effects of the pandemic is something called “decision fatigue.” I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write about that or not,

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