One of the many questions I’ve asked about the Bible is this: Where did David get his 37 “mighty men?”

While I can’t find the answer for all of them in scripture, I’m going to say it was a God thing. And that is also the case with the group of men that God has assembled to help lead and guide Do Good Universe.

Here is a little about how God introduced and/or connected me (and Do Good U) with each one.

Bill Belew, board member. In the 1990’s Bill and I attended the same church in Sunnyvale, California, and, along with our wives, ended up in the same couples small group. He and I had a lot in common: military service, Bible college graduates, writers. We became friends and stayed friends. Bill is an expert in content marketing, has done a lot of blogging and a lot of public speaking and has found ways to save and make money that still boggle my mind. When I knew it was time for Do Good U to be born, Bill was the first call I made.

Mitch Gross, board member. I “met” Mitch, who is from my hometown of Carmi, Illinois, when he was a child. We were part of the same church. His mother Pat was one of my best friends in grade school and high school. Many years later, Pat’s mother married my father, making my dad Mitch’s grandfather and him my nephew. But we weren’t connected until I made a trip back to Carmi about five years ago. We saw each other at a party on a Friday night and God told me to ask him to be part of DGU. On the next Sunday morning I did. He’s been part of the team ever since, and he played a big role in the very early days. He continues to offer excellent ideas, connections, and insights today.

Erik Fretland, board member. Because of working for Links Players I went to Alabama in 2018 or so to be part of a golf retreat. My friend Tim Philpot put it on, and I ended up getting paired in the competition with Erik. I blame my ongoing cancer treatments at the time for my horrible play, but Erik was terrific. We talked about Do Good a fair bit, but didn’t stay in touch. A couple of years later a well known teacher/author/golf pro and friend named Wally Armstrong contacted me about coming to Phoenix to do a clinic with my Links groups. We arranged that, and one morning he walked into our Links Fellowship. With him was Erik Fretland! Clearly God wanted us to stay connected. In 2021, Erik came to Mesa for our Design Workshop and I asked him to join the board, which he graciously agreed to do. (Erik was the head of retail sales for Pfizer, with sales teams for Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. He retired at age 55, shortly before I met him, so he could do more good.)

George Grellas, board member. One of the Links Fellowships I teach weekly is at Troon Country Club, and I rarely miss. One week I was called to a different Fellowship. When I returned, George had joined the group. It was a month before we actually sat down together and I learned about his career as a Silicon Valley attorney specializing in startups and entrepreneurs. We talked in depth the next week, and his insights and encouragement about Do Good U gave me energy for weeks. Because of his confidence in the possibilities for DGU, I invited him to join the board. He prayed about it for a few days and accepted.

Andrew Crefeld, entrepreneur. Around 2006 I was preaching at a little church in Palo Alto. One morning two young men visited, one of whom was Andrew. We talked for several minutes after church and I learned he had started a company called House Lens and was in town from Tennessee to meet with a long-time friend about raising some money. Eventually I joined his board and helped get House Lens going in Palo Alto. There is a lot more to all of that, including my participation in the baptism of the child of Andrew’s friend. Andrew also flew out to be part of the Design Workshop. Recently, he completed the sale of House Lens to SeekNow.

Mark Nelson, coach, administrator, leader. Mark was playing golf at a public course in Gilbert, AZ when God put him in the same group as Mark Starley, a Links Player. Mark invited Mark to Links, he came, and we met. Mark was then the assistant basketball coach at Grand Canyon University. Later he moved to a different job at GCU and could no longer attend Links. We ran into each other once several months later, but it was two days after the Design Workshop when I saw him again. I had just asked Brian Mueller (GCU president) what DGU could do to help GCU. He and I agreed to pray about that. About 15 minutes later, as people were milling around in an open house, I heard a voice say, “Lewis, what are you doing here?” It was Mark Nelson, and in the ensuing conversation he asked if I could help him with a leadership program he had created for student athletes. I said yes, and the next fall I found myself teaching leadership inside his program. All of that (Design Workshop, Mark’s invitation, etc.) has helped feed and grow our relationship with GCU.

Bob Korljan, accountant, pastor, golfer, investments guy. Bob and I met through Kim Gustafson, who I met through Links and who was (and may still be) an important part of DGU. In about 2016 I was in need of an accountant to help take care of our taxes and to advise me about a company I was starting called Do Good U. Bob’s firm had already done our personal taxes, and he had good questions about DGU. He recommended an attorney to help us get incorporated and helped in every way he could. He and one of the partners he has brought into his firm both participated in the Design Workshop. Bob has also attended Links Fellowships, and will soon start one at Moon Valley, a club he recently joined. He is the founder of Eaton-Cambridge.


Every one of these connections involved either church or the Links Players ministry. It is clear to me that God has assembled this unique and talented group of people, just like he assembled David’s mighty men.

Just reading this and considering what God has already done both humbles me and causes me to thank and praise the Lord.

Together we will, because of God, accomplish great things.