encourage doing good, educate individuals and companies about how to do good, and celebrate those who do good.

Our Story

Do Good U (Do Good University) started as a concept in 1996 in Palo Alto, California. Originally conceived as a portal (hey, it was 1996) for other Do Good sites, it is now a stand alone business focused on bringing about more good in more places. And the story continues.

Meet the Team

We are regular folks who love to do good and love to help others love it, too.

We come from various backgrounds and have different skills, but we are connected through doing good. Though doing good can and should be the practice of everyone, we happen to be Jesus followers. (Now there is a fellow who did a lot of good!)

Mitch Gross

Founder & CEO

Lewis Greer

Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Bill Belew

Founder & CTO

Next Steps...

Get out there and do good!