The Why

Do Good University was conceived in 1995 and came to life in 2016, growing into its current form over the next four years. While that seems like a long time to get ready, we think it’s perfect. In fact we think God’s timing is always perfect.
Genealogy research would reveal earlier do good endeavors–most notably Do Good Music–and years of preparation.
The why is what redeems the time. We are here to help make businesses and individuals stronger and healthier from the inside out. There have been few times in American and world history when “good” is needed as much as it is now.
We can do something about that, and we are. Join in. All you have to do is do good, and spread good everywhere you go.

The Who

The beginner.
Some would say founder,
but beginner has more connotations.


The anchor.
Keeping us solid and safe, and pulling
up the anchor when it’s time to fish.


The professor.
Not just a college prof, but a professor
of good and of never giving up.


The What

Do you think there is enough good in the world?
We don’t either, but we believe we can add to that through
Education — Do Good University teaches people and companies how to do good
Encouragement — The Do Good blog and The Do Good Business blog
Celebration — The Do Good U Diploma, awarded to good companies and people.