The Why

Every university has a goal of increasing knowledge and understanding, and the purpose of Do Good University is the same. Like a school of medicine or business, we focus on one particular area of practice. That area for us is good.

The world needs medical professionals and business leaders. It needs teachers and scientists and philosophers. But it also needs good, and it needs it everywhere. From national politics to local parks, from highways to high tech, more good is needed.

Our simple yet challenging goal is to bring more good into the world and make that good grow. That will make the world a better place for everyone in it.

The What

Do you think there is enough good in the world? In your company?
We will help your company add to the good while improving your bottom line through

deeper customer loyalty
higher employee retention
increased productivity

Good is good for your brand, good for your business, good for the world, and good for you.

The How

Group of business workers standing with hands together doing symbol at the office

Using our expertise in Cultural, Social and Emotional Intelligence, as well as expertise in education,
we have developed a unique, accessible, and effective process to bring more good into your company.

Evaluation — Using proprietary surveys and interviews, we help companies find the good and the not so good
Education — Based on our evaluations, we teach your entire team the importance of good and how to do good
Elevation — The result is elevation: enriched customer relations, clean internal communication, and a do good brand

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