How to Start Your Week Out Right – from the Back of a Truck

Start the Week Off Right

If you had a message you wanted to get to a lot of people, how would you do it? OK, how would you do it if the year was 1985 and the Internet (as we know it) didn’t exist. Neither did satellite TV, streaming TV, satellite radio, or podcasts. Televison, Telephone and Tell a …. […]

Out Patient Skin Cancer Treatment by Do Good Dermatologist

You learn early in Arizona that the sun is much hotter, and much more dangerous, than you ever knew. First Time for Skin Cancer But I was still surprised when a friend of mine, a retired surgeon, looked at a little bump on my head and asked me if I’d ever had skin cancer. I […]

How to Make the Olympic Team in Rejection Therapy (Video)

Rejection. We’ve all experienced it and know its pain. Sometimes that pain lasts for years, and that was true with Jia Jiang, who was successful in the corporate world, had become an entrepreneur, and was making a path for himself and his family. Early Rejection Results Arrive Late in Life But he knew he was […]

A Priest, Rabbi and Political Enemy Define Meaning of Good Samaritan

A story has been told for centuries about a guy who you wouldn’t think would do good did and people who you thought would do good did bad. The story is so well known that most people who have heard of it—which is most people—are pretty sure the main character was a real person. Random […]