Out Patient Skin Cancer Treatment by Do Good Dermatologist

You learn early in Arizona that the sun is much hotter, and much more dangerous, than you ever knew. First Time for Skin Cancer But I was still surprised when a friend of mine, a retired surgeon, looked at a little bump on my head and asked me if I’d ever had skin cancer. I […]

A Priest, Rabbi and Political Enemy Define Meaning of Good Samaritan

A story has been told for centuries about a guy who you wouldn’t think would do good did and people who you thought would do good did bad. The story is so well known that most people who have heard of it—which is most people—are pretty sure the main character was a real person. Random […]

Good Samaritan Found on Phoenix Highway in Blue Scrubs as First Responder

It was early morning in Phoenix, and I was on the freeway with about 10,000 of my closest friends. CEOs, Technicians, Plumbers All Make Good SAmaritans Actually I didn’t know the other people, but it seemed like we were all going the same place so I assumed we were friends. Suddenly traffic, which had been […]